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We are the group of young, energized individuals who use and implement technology in our everyday lives.

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We are licensed, bonded, insured and completely dedicated to ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. We provide residential and commercial services for individuals and businesses alike. When you call us, we will set an appointment to come out and offer you a free estimate. We are also honest, hardworking people and we stick to our original estimate.

Da Panda IT Solutions, Inc offers home automation, networking/IT services performed by a highly qualified and knowledgeable team. No job is too difficult or large for us, and we will always give our very best effort with every project we receive. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call at 224-531-1000.

Home Automation



Why choose DA PANDA?

Innovation, experience, expertise, customer service

We always follow the latest trends in technology to make sure you are being offered the best product available for your needs. Our software engineers create custom solutions if such are necessary. Tell us what you dream of, and we will make it happen!
We are certified in multiple vendor-specific and vendor-agnostic technologies and always continue studying to provide you the best service.
Our group of professionals offers decades of experience in different areas of home automation, networking/IT, security, software as well as residential and commercial electrical services.
We pride ourselves in our customebr service. Our motto is "Promise less, deliver more".

Home Automation

Our Smart Home Systems simplify your life by adding convenience and saving energy. Advanced heating controls only heat your home when you are in it and offer precise control of each room – saving energy but also creating the most comfortable environment possible. Lighting Controls allow precise lighting scenes to be controlled at the touch of a button – lighting your home as you like it with different scenes for different activities (dinner party, entertaining, TV watching and reading etc). These same lighting systems increase convenience and security by lighting the exterior of your home automatically at nightfall – they can even simulate occupancy in the home by replaying your usual lighting activity when the security alarm is set.

Our Smart Home Systems are so advanced they can even work with renewable energies to profile energy production and perform energy hungry activities when production is at it’s highest – automatically diverting energy from one device to another to make the most of energy produced and reducing reliance on purchased power. A great example of this is using available energy to heat hot water stores with immersion heaters, once temperature is reached then energy can be diverted to en-suite and bathroom under floor heating and towel rails – rooms which typically have a higher temperature set point. Intelligent routing of energy can drastically reduce energy bills.

No Smart Home System would be complete without entertainment – our systems are the most powerful and flexible available – multi-room audio video systems allow clients to enjoy any source in any room with a full suite of recorded TV, streamed services and film servers available anywhere in the property. International clients can enjoy radio stations from home or streamed music services such as iTunes and Spotify. As we bring all devices under the control of a central smart home system we design the interface to be as easy to use as possible – selecting a radio station is as easy as switching the lights on, adjusting complex heating and cooling systems is as easy as adjusting the room set-point – the system handles the complex work of controlling the heating or air conditioning.

Our Smart Home Systems are unique – they are powerful, scalable and flexible – in addition to being reliable.


These are just some of the examples of what we do. We specialize in custom solutions. For free custom quote please call 224-531-1000.

Multiroom AV

Our multi-room audio video installations are truly amazing – any source can be distributed to any room in the home. Video sources such as cable, BluRay Movies or Netflix can be enjoyed on any TV in the home with audio replayed by high quality speaker systems. Centralising sources allows recorded TV to be enjoyed anywhere in the home with the option for multiple streams. Sources local to the rooms, such as games consoles, are sent back to the central rack so they too can be distributed around the home or just enhanced locally via the audio system. Audio sources such as Spotify and Sonos can be enjoyed throughout the home with rooms easily ganged together to create parties. Stereo rooms can easily be joined to surround sound rooms as easily as tapping a button on a user interface.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems are the most popular service we offer. They show the home off at its best – highlighting architectural features and adding atmosphere – all while saving energy. Our systems are perfectly scalable so can control a single room or entire homes and gardens, even including curtains and blinds. Automated functions such as bringing certain lights on at dusk or replaying activity to make your home look occupied when away are all easily achievable. Due to the way digital dimming systems work huge amounts of energy can be saved throughout the home and when coupled with our LED lamps the difference can be startling. Recalling a lighting scene is as easy as tapping one button on a tablet or asking your voice assistant to do so.

Home Theater Rooms

We are expert designers of home cinema’s – we regularly perform home cinema installation in to basements, attics, dedicated rooms, and living rooms. We are experts in delivering the best possible system for a clients budget – we have many products which are not available on the consumer market. We engage directly with the manufacturers, working with them to help design the best possible room, ensuring their products are performing at their absolute best. we offer help with designing home theater room in order to archive best acoustics. We have a defined process to deliver stunning projects – we analyze the room available, assess the budget and then propose a solution which maximizes the clients return on investment.


Examples of home automation devices available.

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